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About us


We are engineering consulting company in the realm of fluid dynamics, heat and mass transfer. We combine theoretical knowledge and scientific approach with a pragamatic execution. We support manufacturers who plans to develop innovative activities in the domain of technology, production optimisation, product development or novel projects evaluation. We aim our knowledge and experience at FMCG companies food, pharmacy and chemical industry.

Michał Piotrowski PhD

Michał Piotrowski PhD


NavierBLUE founder is Michał Piotrowski PhD. He built his experience in the leading pharmacy and FMCG companies (Aflofarm, Agrosnova, Unilever). Lately he worked for the international company Unilever as the Development Manager Thermal Processing in the R&D -Global Design Center which specialize in food products and processes developments. He was responsible for a thermal process evaluation to assure a product safety and quality in the Unilever’s factories and copackers in Europe and Asia.

Particularly he is proud of the novel projects which consisted in the evaluation and implementation of new standards in the Unilever’s GMP worldwide. Working as Head of Process Engineer and Development Manager Thermal Processing he has gained unique engineering competences and experiences supported by the practical knowledge in the following domains:

  • Fluid dynamics, heat and mass transfer
  • Rheology and kinetics of chemical reactions
  • Thermal process modelling
  • Production process optimisation
  • Managing projects with high complexity potentially requiring technical discovery, scale up\down processes and technology transfers

Critical thinking is the basic of innovation society

Our offer

The tools at our disposal


We use Matlab which is the language of technical computing. Matlab and QuickerSim CFD Toolbox for Matlab are programming environments for algorithm development, data analysis, CFD or numeric computation to give us possibilities to establish a thermal proces setup for a product safety and quality.

What do we offer?



We calculate and optimise thermal processes on the base of computer modelling tool (TNM-Thermal Navigation Model) which was created in the Matlab environment supported by QuickerSim CFD Toolbox. Targets of Matlab calculations are to setup thermal processes, reduce costs of expensive trials during a project development and evaluate scale up/down analysis. TNM is the time temeprature integration model with shear stress analysis to optimize and setup the thermal process of the homogenous or heterogenous liquid foods during the continuous sterilization or pasterization to reach the safety conditions and reduce the particulates degradation during the flow in the pipeline system.

Technical support

We offer the technical support for innovative projects in the following range:

  • Production processes
  • Technology evaluation
  • Support in R&D development e.g. pilot plant and analytical lab evaluations
  • Process implementation by technological trials and training


We realize these activities by:

  • Audit at a manufacturer site
  • Critical points analysis (product safety)
  • Plant selection and process parameters setup (optimisation)


The basic one day course which target is to deliver the basic information on a thermal treatment realm and indicate sensitive areas of technology for a product safety and quality and computer modelling tool (TNM-Thermal Navigation Model) demostration.

The advanced three days course, it is the evaluated basic course with workshops elements which consists of: continuous sterilizer mapping, recorded data analysis, calculation and optimisation process. Computer modelling tool (TNM-Thermal Navigation Model) will also be demostrated to assist the process optimisation.

For whom?

We address our offer for an innovative oriented manufacturers who plan to develop R&D activieties and the innovative society in the following branches:

  • FMCG
  • Pharmacy
  • Chemistry

We invite production managers, technologists, R&D and QA emploees and managers for cooperation

NavierBLUE - Michał Piotrowski
95-200 Pabianice, ul. Wiejska 22/33, POLAND
Phone: +48 791 525 210
Internet: www.navierblue.pl
E-mail: michal.piotrowski@navierblue.pl

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